Campbell's Stores
$32 Million Restoration Historic Campbell’s Stores In The Rocks Now Underway

With the approval of the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, the $32 million remediation and restoration of the three storey Campbell’s Stores – one of the most historic sites in Australia dating back to 1839 – commences in mid-2017.

The lessee, Tallawoladah Pty Ltd, has exciting plans in place to restore this site – listed as one of Australia’s most important heritage buildings – to its former glory and become a must see destination for overseas and local visitors from 2018. The first priority in the restoration will be unseen to the public as we need to address the current deterioration of the buildings to reverse the decaying of the sandstone walls and replacement of roof tiling, as well as the restoration of their many heritage features.

The works are expected to be completed in 2018, with the buildings to feature 12 restaurants, café and bars, covering 50 square metres to 700 square metres and featuring panoramic views of Sydney’s famous harbour, Harbour Bridge and Opera House. We have been approached by leading chefs from around Australia and overseas to lease spaces in these iconic buildings, whose beautiful sandstone and wood interiors will be complemented by luxurious outdoor dining and café spaces. Our architectural firm JPW has created an innovative design to create more dynamic and flexible spaces for the planned hospitality venues, while maintaining all of the heritage elements of the buildings.

The renowned names in restaurants, cafes and bars will transform this precinct into a stunning waterfront fine-dining and entertainment destination for small and large groups, many of whom will be international visitors arriving nearby at the Overseas Passenger Terminal. While the dining spaces will be transformed, our Hickson Road frontage will also be modified to create a better connection with The Rocks and create easier entry points.

Minister for Finance, Services and Property, Victor Dominello, is excited about the works commencing, stating “this is a successful partnership between the Government and the private sector resulting in the protection of our State significant heritage assets, a new visitor destination with high quality public spaces, and an economic uplift for the State”.

The Rocks is Australia’s leading historic area, being a birthplace of the modern nation, attracting more than 14 million visitors a year, with the precinct contributing $400 million to the NSW visitor’s economy.

The Chair of the NSW Heritage Council, Stephen Davies, said “These are the only surviving warehouses of their type remaining on the foreshore of Sydney Cove. This development ensures the site is preserved with essential conservation fit-out works.”


Established in 1839, Campbell’s Stores is a superb example of mid-nineteenth century warehouse buildings, now the only surviving warehouses of their type remaining on the foreshores of Sydney Cove, formerly the hub of commerce and international shipping transport until the late nineteenth century. 

The first five bays to be constructed were built in 1851/52 and are the present Bays 6-10. A further three bays, which are the present Bays 3-5 were completed around 1858 and the final three bays were finished by 1860. 

The southern-most bay and the final one to be completed was demolished in 1958 to make way for the first overseas shipping terminal at Circular Quay. 

This left two bays, now known as Bays 1 and 2, and the remaining eight to form the group known as the Campbell’s Stores. 

Sometime between 1882 and 1887, the third level was added to the stores. 

Since demolition of the last bay in 1958, Campbell Stores have undergone at least two adaptations. The first was sometime before 1970 and little is known of it. 


The newly established SCRA oversaw the most fundamental change in usage of Campbell’s Stores from commercial to tourist uses, and the greatest change in fabric since the addition of the third level in 1883. 

The restoration, commenced in 1974/75 and completed 1978/79 was one of the first major restoration projects in Sydney, and included replacement of damaged sandstone and construction of a service tunnel along the full length of the western side of the building. 

In general, the work done in the 1970s has remained unchanged until today. 


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